Szeged 2009

Foldamers: building blocks, structure and function

September 24-26, 2009 2nd MC meeting and conference, Szeged (HU)

Host institution: University of Szeged,  Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Venue: Academy House, Szeged (Somogyi u. 7.)

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Ferenc Fülöp (HU)

David Aitken (FR)

Steve Bull (UK)

Norbert De Kimpe (BE)

Enikő Forró (HU)

Valérie Declerck (FR)

Santos Fustero (ES)

Oliver Reiser (GE)

Antonio Guarna (IT)


Rosa Ortuño (ES)

Knud Jensen (DK)
Jonathan Clayden (UK)

Eric Da Silva (ES)

Gilles Guichard (FR)

András Perczel (HU)

Gregory Upert (CH)


Andy Wilson (UK)

Yann Ferrand (FR)

Alison Edwards (UK)

Fred Denonne (FR)

Claudia Tomasini (IT)


Alex Heckel (GE)
Martin Smith (UK)



24th September (Thursday)

12:00- Arrival (direct bus and/or taxi transfer will be organized from the airport)


17:00-19:00 MC meeting

19:00- Dinner for the MC members

25th September (Friday)

09.00-09.05 Ferenc Fülöp: Opening remarks for the conference

09.05-09.15 David Aitken: Introduction to session WG1

09.15-09.35 Steve Bull: Methodology for the asymmetric synthesis of β-amino acids

09.35-09.55 Santos Fustero: β-amino acids and related homologues

09.55-10.15 Enikő Forró: Lipase-catalysed direct strategies for the preparation of enantiopure β-amino acids

10.15-10.45 Coffee break and networking

10.45-11.05 Norbert De Kimpe: Synthesis of carbocyclic and heterocyclic β-amino acid derivatives

11.05-11.25 Oliver Reiser: Conformationally restricted β-amino acids as constituents in foldamers: Synthesis and application as organocatalysts and as ligands for Neuropeptide Y

11.25-11.45 Antonio Guarna: New constrained bicyclic α, β, and γ/δ amino acids: synthesis and molecular recognition properties

11.45-12.05 Valerie Declerck: 4-Membered ring β-amino acids: synthesis of building building blocks and some insight into the folding of their oligomers

12.05-14.00 Lunch and Poster session for all the WGs

14.00-14.10 Rosa Ortuño: Introduction to session WG2

14.10-14.35 Gregory Upert: Effects of substituted proline residues and terminal functional groups on the stability of the polyproline II structure

14.35-15.00 Knud Jensen: Carboproteins: carbohydrate-templated designer proteins

15.00-15.25 Jonathan Clayden: Conformational communication through helical peptide foldamers

15.25-15.50 Eric Da Silva: Structure and self-assembling of chiral cyclobutane β-peptides

15.50-16.15 Gilles Guichard: Folding and self-assembling with urea-based oligomers

16.15-16.40 András Perczel: Foldamer stability in Trp cage miniproteins

18:00-  Transfer to the restaurant and conference dinner


26th September (Saturday)

09.00-09.10 Andy Wilson: Introduction to Session WG3

09.10-09.40 Fred Denonne: FOLDAPPI: validating foldamers as new drug entities

09.40-10.10 Claudia Tomasini: Oxazolidin-2-ones based foldamers

10.10-10.30 Alison Edwards: A fresh perspective on sugar amino acids: structure, disorder and application

10.30-11.00 Coffee break and networking

11.00-11.20 Martin Smith: Positive cooperativity in folded asymmetric catalysts

11.20-11.40 Yann Ferrand: Helically folded capsules based on aromatic oligoamide foldamers

11.40-12.10 Alex Heckel: DNA-binding polyamides in nanoarchitectures

12.10-12.20 Closing remarks

12:20- Lunch

Departure (bus transfer to Budapest or to the Airport)