Short Term Scientific Missions

Foster collaboration
Learning new techniques
Measurements not available at home lab
Promote young scientists

How to apply:
1. Fill application form at the COST STSM page.

2. Prepare the annexes in PDF:
* workplan, max. 2 pages
* letter of support from the host institution
* reference letter from the home institution
* CV with selected publications
* cover letter (max. 1 page)

3. Email the application form and the annexes to the Action's STSM coordinator (martinek@pharm.u-szeged.hu, subject: STSM CM0803) at least five weeks before the STSM starts.

Grant decision
1. The application is reviewed by the Action's Assessment Panel within one week.
2. The decision is communicated to the Management Committe, COST Scientific Officer and to the applicant.

Closing STSM
1. Write up a scientific report on STSM
2. Send it to STSM coordinator one week before the last date of the STSM