Project structure


Among the non-natural polymers with the propensity to form well-defined secondary structures, the peptidomimetic foldamers are attracting increasing attention. These compounds have found various biomedical applications and their self-assembling systems can form nanostructured materials. The project aims to develop the peptidomimetic foldamers into a technology platform in drug discovery and biomedical applications, which can yield novel drug candidates targeting cellular circuitries being non-druggable thus far with the small molecule or antibody approaches. The challenges addressed in this action are: (i) efficient enantioselective synthesis of building blocks; (ii) stabilizing foldameric secondary structures with chemically diverse side-chain patterns; (iii) efficient synthesis of foldamer libraries; (iv) extensive biological screening of the foldamer libraries on pharmacologically relevant targets; (v) controlled self-assembly of foldamers into
functional nanostructured particles.

Working Groups

WG1: Foldamer building blocks
coordinator: David Aitken (david.aitken .at. u-psud.fr)

WG2: Foldameric secondary structures and controlled self-assembly
coordinator: Rosa M. Ortuno (rosa.ortuno .at. uab.es)

WG3: Functional foldamers
coordinator: Andy Wilson (a.j.wilson .at. leeds.ac.uk)

Chair of the Management Committee: Ferenc Fulop (fulop .at. pharm.u-szeged.hu)

For further information on the project, the project proposal can be downloaded here.