COST reimbursement rulesCOST reimbursement rules

The major information source in connection with the COST reimbursement rules is the
COST Vademecum. Below, a brief summary is given. For further questions, please refer to your national COST contact point.


In terms of reimbursement the meeting organizers have no money given to them by COST – every working group member must claim through the COST office for their expenses separately, so it can be quite a hassle. This is how it works (in short): Among the eligible participants, a certain number will be selected by the Chair of the Action on behalf of its Management Committee (MC) as entitled to reimbursement (in this case WG members giving a talk). This entitlement means that COST will reimburse the travel, meals and accommodation necessary to attend a COST event. (i) The flat reimbursement rate is EUR 120 per night for accommodation and breakfast, (ii) Lunch (including coffee breaks) and dinner expenses will be reimbursed at a fixed rate of EUR 20 each (iii) For travelling by air low cost tickets have to be used. To benefit from the most economical fare, early booking is essential. Where no price is indicated on the ticket, the invoice must also be enclosed. The most economical tariff shall be reimbursed on production of originals or legible photocopies of the ticket. Business class can only be reimbursed under exceptional conditions and needs the prior approval of the COST secretariat. Air tickets exceeding EUR 1200 require prior approval from the COST Office, participants should arrive and leave as close to the beginning and end of the event as possible (iv) The shortest and most economical route by rail or bus between the departure point and the place where the meeting is held must be used. First class rail or bus travel may be reimbursed by the COST Office. For the reimbursement of travel costs, originals or legible photocopies of transport tickets must be provided with the claim form. They must clearly indicate the amount paid and the full routing showing departure/arrival dates and times). Only fully completed reimbursement forms will be considered by the COST Office (including fields such as bank account details, meeting ID, departure/arrival dates/times and etc.). Participants must be registered prior to the meeting in the COST Database: http://www.cost.esf.org/e-cost - please provide these important details at the earliest opportunity – you will need your IBAN number for your bank account. If the complete reimbursement form is not submitted within 60 days, it is presumed that no claim for payment or for reimbursement of expenses will be requested by the participant. Originals or legible photocopies of all travel documents must be kept by the expert for five years after the meeting. Reimbursement is in euro. (attached is a representative expenses form from the first MC meeting – I expect we will provide you with a form at the meeting).

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